molly wood


My earliest childhood memories are sitting by a creek, building rock pools for my dolls to play in... my Barbie's were very outdoorsy. I have always been interested in creating organic environments, nature is perfect, it is my playground and has been my inspiration from day one.

I became more seriously interested in design after high school while traveling and working in Europe. This was definitely a time of awakening and inspiration... I became fascinated with the beauty and simplicity of symmetry, the sense of place and permanence that structure provides, and the concept of creating spaces that evoke emotion. 

Returning to the States in my early twenties, I studied art and design at the Academy of the Arts in San Francisco before moving to Laguna Beach, California. It was here that I got my "practical education", working at a local nursery and venturing out into the field maintaining private gardens... literally digging in the dirt as a one-woman operation. Thus began the evolution of Molly Wood Garden Design.

I am so fortunate to have been able to fuse my creativity with my passion for nature and create a company that has evolved into a lifestyle brand offering design, furniture, pottery, plants, and other unique garden elements... everything from concept to candlesticks.

As Molly Wood Garden Design continues to grow, I pride myself on still personally getting out in the garden to dig in the dirt... I just have a few more hands to help.

Thank you for your interest.