coastal traditional

In this quaint bay front community, outdoor space is at a premium. A new construction home, we were given a blank slate to create a landscape that emphasized the homes comfortable and traditional family feel. As you enter the home the sound of water welcomes you in the form of a birdbath. Set in a casual blossoming garden it is also on center with the dining rooms glass and metal doors making it visible from inside as well. The opposite side has a fire pit and bench that seats 7 people, and in our climate can be used year round. An interior courtyard is the living, breathing heart of the home. Here we have a BBQ and dining table with an overhead iron trellis covered in vines and features one of our custom designed light fixtures. Also featured is a custom fountain made from an antique feed trough and giant clamshell. The hardscape materials are a sophisticated blend of limestone pavers, random cut full range bluestone and handmade brick. The plant materials are a combination of free flowing blossoms and sphere shaped anchoring shrubs.